Silicon Valley’s Sales Manager Bootcamp

Learn from the leaders of the highest growth SaaS sales organizations in the world!

The SV sales leaders boot camp is the world’s only program delivering the best practices of the bay area to emerging sales leaders.  This unique program was founded on the experience of executives who have built sales organizations at the fastest growing SaaS businesses in the world.

The two-day bootcamp is supported by a 2 month learning reinforcement program that ensures all material has been understood and implemented within your organization.  All participants will be eligible to participate in the SV Sales Leader certification program – The industry’s only verifiable stamp of excellence.

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Silicon Valley’s Sales Manager Bootcamp

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SAN FRANCISCO Feb 15-16 2018
NEW YORK Feb 21-22 2018

Session Topics Covered:

5 Roles of a Manager

Explore the new 5 roles you must play in your management capacity and how to balance them.

Sales Process and Methodology

You will discover the key to building and refining sales process and creating a methodology that dramatically improves sales productivity.


Learn the dark art of forecasting that will have you recognized as a person who can be relied on to deliver.

High Performance Coaching

A critical frontline management skill is to be able to coach and enable the team to build capacity and capability. We will learn a sales focused coaching framework that provides for continuous growth while not distracting from the core business of sales execution.

Core Sales Systems and Technologies

The world of sales technology is confusing and fraught with overspending and complexity. You will learn from an operations leader who has been building the sales stack for over 20 years.

Management Framework

.Inspection and operations rigor is key to success in sales leadership. You will build the ideal management framework for your team

Building Your Sales Culture

Culture is king in sales – We will teach you all the critical moments for building and reinforcing a winning sales culture that attracts and retains top quartile talent.


A sales organization is only as good as its people. We will show you how to build a world-class team with insights from the pre-eminent sales recruiter, Carolyn Betts, CEO of Betts Recruiting.

Sales Productivity and Enablement

Helping our reps use their time more efficiently and be more effective is the core of our success formula. We will be delivering and building on insights from the Emergence Capital Growth Partner, Doug Landis who shares insights from his time at the sales machines and

Feedback and Difficult Conversations

You will learn how to provide feedback and coaching in a way that aligns and motivates, so as to bring the very best out of your people.

Managing Up

Key to your success is internal influence – We will discuss how to set expectations, press your agenda and get what your team needs.

SaaS Deal Structures and Contract Terms

We will review four deal structures that can be applied to address any situation you may be faced with and the key contract terms that you need to know as you engage with procurement (Defense against the dark arts). Our curriculum has been guided by general counsel and procurement professionals with decades of negotiation experience.