About Us

We work with venture backed and public firms that are looking to hit escape velocity without reinventing the wheel on sales best practices. Whether introduced by an investor, or through the board, we partner with CEOs and the VP of Sales to ensure flawless sales execution.

Our team has deep SaaS sales DNA that allows us to build operating plans, go to market strategy and execution tactics that will maximize the outcome for clients.

Our training division, ‘SaaSy Sales Management’ is recognized for being the most comprehensive, industry supported development programs in the world.  We train frontline managers, VPs & sales enablement professionals.

Your Team + Our Expertise

You have the sales people and SalesOps Central provides you with the strategy, management and reporting that you need until you can bring the expertise in-house. Our focus is to transfer the best practices and skills from our team to yours, helping that stretch VP to make it to the next stage and to enable your AEs to grow with you.  Whether it be an assessment followed by an implementation or longer term coaching support for your sales leader, we partner with clients to meet the next  critical milestone.

We are also the producers of ‘Frontline’ & ‘Playmaker’;  Silicon Valley’s sales leader boot camps and development community.  The world’s only program delivering the best practices of the bay area to emerging sales leaders with a follow-on peers upport network that is unmatched.   

Just for fun we call it, ‘SaaSy Sales Management’.

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What We Do

SOMA – Sales Operations Maturity Assessment

If we gave you a chuckle with the acronym, then good; if we didn’t then either you don’t live in the Bay area or you lack a sense of humor. For customers who are looking to find the highest impact improvements we do a quantitative and qualitative assessment of:

  • Operational systems (Lead to cash)
  • Management processes
  • Sales enablement
  • Sales skills/capability
  • Sales org structure, roles and incentives
  • Account management

What We Believe

We think of ourselves as chefs who create sales organization recipes from raw ingredients – We can do that after being exposed to the sales strategies and methodologies for small business through to multinationals over many years; in addition to having seen freemium, on-premise, SaaS, wholesales and distribution models.

Our toolkit also includes training in many different formal sales methodologies… There is no such thing as ‘one-size fits all’ sales – We will thoughtfully craft the ideal sales operation for YOUR business.

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Operations reporting:

You don’t have a sales operations function and can’t get accurate reporting? No problem, we can provide you with the daily, weekly and monthly reporting you need to understand exactly what is happening in your business. We will establish key performance metrics and interpret them for you so that you can make the best decisions around people, process, packaging and pricing. If forecasting is a challenge we can run your pipeline and forecasting calls (just like sales ops does in large companies) and ensure that you can be confident in committing a number to the board each month.

Sales productivity:

Salespeople are expensive, so the faster you can get them productive, the better. We know you can’t justify a full-time sales trainer and those expensive two day seminars just don’t work in isolation – Enter SalesOps Central: We design onboarding and development programs for you and deliver them with an interactive learning platform that delivers role based skills development second to none.

Salespeople are athletes who need to train every week

If you want to attract and retain A-player sales professionals, then you need to commit to developing the team with a continuous improvement mindset. SalesOps Central will plug-in world-class training and provide you with a platform for continuous development that is being used by the highest performing sales organizations in the world.

We are your bridge to the next phase of growth

SalesOps Central was born to allow founders to operate at world-class levels before you would otherwise be able to. Our process embeds practices and trains people so that the minute you can afford to build your own executive, operations and enablement layers, we hand over the keys.

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